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I love finding old photographs.  Not the ones that are staged as much as the ones that capture a snapshot in time of ordinary life from long ago.  There is such a mystery to them.   My mind wonders what was happening in that moment, both before and after, and fills in the blanks with my imagination.  

This same feeling is what I create in my paintings.  A moment, captured and raised up into importance, reminding us to celebrate the ordinary.  My paintings are a dialog between the work itself and each person viewing it through their own memories and unique thought processes.  I hope to create a sense of calm and that is interrupted by the energy of the main characters in each work of art that draws the viewer in by their sense of mystery.  




Bachelor's of Fine Art, University of Tulsa. 1999

Bachelor's of Science in Psychology, University of Tulsa

Bachelor's of Mathematics, Oklahoma State University, 2015

Bachelor's in Communication Science and Disorders, Oklahoma State University





International Guild of Realism

Portrait Society of America 

Tulsa Artist Coalition

Oklahoma Visual Arts Center


Exhibits and Publications



Tabby in Tallgrass and Morning Fog in TAC's Member's show at 101 Archer, Tulsa, Ok

Caged Raven in the She Makes Art exhibition at Liggett Studio, Tulsa, Ok

Lifted in Living Arts' Champagne and Chocolate GALA, Tulsa, Ok

Tabby in Tallgrass will be at the Salinas Bienniel, Salinas, KS



Happiness in TAC's Member's show at AHHA, Tulsa, Ok

Crow with Pendant in The Holiday Show at Liggett Studio, Tulsa, OK

She Makes Art

Art in the Square at Utice Square, Tulsa, Ok



TAC's member's show

Art in the Square aty Utica Square, Tulsa, Ok



She Makes Art At Ligget Studios in Tulsa, Ok, April

            Chiaroscuro in San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultureal Center's online exhibition with , September 1-30      

            8th Catholic Bienniel  The Verostko Center at St. Vincent's College in Latrobe, PA, September through

 October 29th.

           The Fall Online Exhibit for the International Guild of Realism October through December

           The American Art Collector Magazine in an article about the International Guild of Realism's Fall online show 

           in the November issue



TAC's member's show at AHHA



TAC's member's show at Tulsa Community College's art gallery



Show with Janet Fadler Davie at Tulsa Artist Coalition



Solo Show at the Tulsa Artist's Coalition, September 3-25

a ceramic piece of a woman in show at Oklahoma College of Arts and Sciences   in Chickasha 



Uneven Show: Celebrating Our Members Diversity at Tulsa Artist Coalition Gallery, July 11-26

5x5 at Tulsa Artist Coalition Gallery, May 



Generations, a collaborative work with Edward Main at Livings Arts of Tulsa              



A Painting Exhibition of Land, Clay and Bodyscapes: Emily Main and Rebeccas Ralph, in the Foundation Gallery at Rogers State University



A Celebration of Women, a group show, at the Norick Art Center, OKC, October

Propositions, a group show at Living Arts of Tulsa, July

Nude Show at Tulsa Artists' Coaltion, August



Commissioned with Kevin Smith and Kerry McEniry to paint Murals for Gilcrease Museum's interactive            children exhibit to go along with the Thomas Moran and J.M.W. Turner exhibit that was traveling through the US at that time


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